Lay-Up Youth Basketball

Led the companies' graphic design projects and digital marketing efforts. Learned more about the non-profit sector and being a Designer in the sports industry.

Project Type

Summer internship at Lay-Up's office in Toronto, Ontario.


I developed the companies first business cards, designed sets of posters, created unique stewardship designs, developed a design scheme for their decks, and produced a promotional video for Serge Ibaka's visit.


Summer 2019 (14 weeks)

Skills Developed

Graphic design, communication, art direction, printing, visual design


The design internship

This was my second design internship. I had the opportunity to learn more about the non-profit sector and I continued to hone my skills in physical print design. While I was there, I had helped launch 7 projects and in counting (but more about that later).

Before you read ahead, this internship was under an N.D.A. However, most of my work has been launched and released to the public. Fear not, my work shall be on display here!

My desk! Excuse the rainbow mouse...


Research, design, develop, iterate

At Lay-Up, they followed a Waterfall approach, that was sectioned into different sprints. Hence the reason, why I could accomplish 7 launched projects within 14 weeks.

Getting Started

The problem

Lay-Up had planned to originally hire an administrator intern, however, after discussing about their future needs during the interview, they changed their posting and decided to bring me on board as a Design Intern. They had prepared multiple projects that needed designs for them to be shipped out, an I had to opportunity to help them.

Getting to know the process

Before I started even touching a computer, I was introduced to the organization's basketball clinics. I was a basketball coach for a week to children ages 6-14. I learned the audience I was to design for, and gathered information from the participants that would aid my future designs.
The participants would play a huge role in where Lay-Up wanted their designs to be focused on. Lay-Up is a non-profit charity organization that focused on giving children in under-priviliged communities an opportunity at sports.


From design to launch(es)

The projects that I designed were the following:custom trading cards featuring our participants for donors, a new business card, social media graphics, website assets, and many more.

Custom basketball trading cards for stewardship

These were the top 3 favourite designs the team liked. Can you guess which one they chose?

Social media designs

Changed the design introducing the staff on the website, view the live design here

The Aftermath

After my work with Lay-Up over the summer, they offered me a part-time offer to work with them during the year. I accepted the offer and now I work remotely for Lay-Up tackling design projects that are impacting the company far more than what I was doing during the summer.

I learned how design works in the non-profit sector, I learned how to design information first and aesthetic second, and I had the chance to work with my favourite basketball team the Toronto Raptors! If I had more time, I would have looked deeper into their registration operations and helped design and develop a program that would ease the process, as Lay-Up enrolls hundreds if not thousands of youth in the GTA every year.

If you are interested in what I'm currently doing at Lay-Up, please do reach out!

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