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Mackenzie Health reached out to our school as an industry partner to help with their future Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will be Canada's first hospital to feature 'smart' technology systems and medical devices that can maximize information exchange. Our team's end goal was to create a well-researched application, that would enhance a patients experience in the emergency sector.


Product Designer

Time Frame

3 Months


Sticky Notes

Sprint 1: Ideation

User Journey

We began our ideation by using our interviewee data, and secondary research to map out a user journey map. The persona 'Bert' would be a working-class father who had limited speaking English and only had his son to help translate.

The blue line represents the actual experience our user went through, compared to our own initial thoughts (green and red graph) of the patient experience. This blue line graph was constructed through interviews, on-site research, and secondary research.

Sprint 2: Decide

How Might We?

After mapping our the user journey, we pinpointed specific areas of interaction that the user might go through. Our goal was to ideate improvements for those areas. We then voted for the best "How Might We Question" and that was to be our area of improvement.

Common Experiences


We went back to our interview data and created three small personas to help bring out a major painpoint that each patient experiences.

Roger Carls

A frequent visitor to the hospital. He is currently in the process of chemotherapy, and needs to visit the hospital 2-3 times a week.

Biggest Challenge

Being sleep deprived and doing tests at weird hours of the night. Lack of orientation to the room and hospital. Lastly, feeling underengaged in his care.

Alison Lee

Rarely goes to the hospital. Went to the hospital recently due to a fractured arm.

Biggest Challenge

Not knowing when she can get seen by the doctor. Rude nurses rushing at tasks and overlooking patients who needed immediate care.

John Celvito

Works for the hospital as an ER nurse. He suffers from 'nurse burnout'.

Biggest Challenge

Having to deal with long-working hours and exposure to hazards while keeping a cool head and administering proper doses of medicine and performing the right procedure.

Common Painpoint

The biggest painpoint that we noticed across all three personas, was that the patients felt anxious and uncertain at every point of interaction. From the initial arrival to the discharge, patients felt they were not in control and had to follow a strict procedure, leading to frustration with employees and medical tests.

Sprint 3: Design

User Flow

We created a high-fidelity user flow. The user flow would allow our design for the app to be thorough, identifies errors at the start, and save time in our prototyping phase.


'Wait Times' would relieve any uncertainty as to when and where the patient was in their waiting process. It allows patients to leave the waiting room without missing their callout. Lastly, it shows current analytics of the waiting room, so incoming patients can be aware of approx. wait times.


We took inspiration from popular company Amazon and popular feature 'order tracking' to implement our own system tracking. Patients are notified which stage they are currently in. Not only does this relieve anxiety for patients but helps keep accuracy between both patient and caregiver.

Some Sweet Visuals

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", -Lao Tsu

When we apply this philosophy to digital products, the first few minutes if not seconds is crucial for users to establish a sense of trust and feel for the product. A great onboarding fulfills three criterias, it creates engagement, provides precious information, and lastly it provides a general greeting. This is what we accomplished within these handcrafted illustrations.

Illustrations done by Lily Huang and Chris Tran.

Sprint 4: Reflecting

Our final deliverable was presented to a panel of 3 executives from Mackenzie Hospital's Innovation Lab. After the presentation we were asked by Mackenzie Health to provide a writeup about the specific implementations of our app, to be used for future content prosposals.

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