Using modern technology and leading research to fulfill a happier life.


I redesigned vivovii's career page as part of their interview process for the position UX/UI Design Intern. I designed the new page for both web and mobile experience followed with a brand new set of icons. The end goal was to create a page that attracted interested applicants to vivovii, and onboarded great talent with ease.


UI Designer

Time Frame

3 Days


After Effects
Pen + Paper



vivovii didn't display their company's metrics as the first thing interested candidates could see. Having strong company metrics can impress candidates and create interest with the company immediately.


The text was very difficult to read. This could lead to users missing important job requirements and/or specific details about the company.


Each job position had big blocks that took up large sections of the users screen. Thus, prolonging the process of pinpointing user interest.


You can't build a house without foundations. Wireframing the initial layouts helped bring user pain points and design flaws to light, and acts as a quick solution that allows everyone to be on the same page.


The icons involve the use of bevelled corners to match the current theme that vivovii has. The icons were designed around the purpose of bringing back a tech startup vibe.

Web Interfaces

The web interface introduces an easier to read text, a strong call to action on the landing page, and a convenient yet savvy job list. The new redesign brings a sense of family and inclusive culture back into the company.

Mobile Interfaces

With great web design comes great mobile design. The mobile site will look different, because some aspects of the web would be difficult to translate into user-friendly interactions for mobile devices.

Important Changes

Hierarchy of Information

I created a design that would allow for immediate information relay when users scroll through job openings. The main information is bolded followed by the 'requirements' body text using visuals to show secondary importance.

Keeping Visuals Simple

When it comes to creating a info-packed page the most important goal is to get the content relayed before visuals. I decided to leave only the logo for the 'opportunities' section, since a picture would take up too much space, forcing users to scroll even more, which prolongs the access to context.

Final Deliverable

vivovii is pioneering the modern consulting field with the use of leading research and technology to fulfill a happier life within the workforce. I delivered the final hi-fi prototype within 3 short days, and it seamlessly flows with their current branding, and hopefully that users can love.

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