Internship experience surrounding web and mobile design/development. Learned more about the fin-tech environment and designing for B2B clients.

Project Type

Summer internship at vivovii's business development office


I researched, designed, and developed vivovii's new website to reflect latest business strategy. Helped the design team with user research, and helped senior executives with preparing keynotes.


Summer 2018 (14 weeks)

Skills Developed

Product research, prototyping, user research, cross-functional collaboration, design project management, and communication skills.


The design internship

This was my first design internship where I had the chance to experience the work-environment of a young start-up consulting technology firm. My interest in the fin-tech field led to many networks and a strong internship coming out of 1st year university.

Before you read ahead, this internship was under an N.D.A so only certain parts can be shared on my portfolio. Nonetheless, the content shared will still prove valuable and informative!

It's my desk! Coke > Pepsi any day.


Research, design, develop, iterate

Learned about the agile workflow and within my 14 weeks with vivovii. I collaborated with developers, designers, product managers, and senior executives to help launch my designs and development.

Getting Started

The problem

vivovii was moving away from a product-focused company and to a service focused consultancy. During my internship, I had to think of possible routes their new website could go. I also had to revise old frameworks that didn't reflect current business strategy. Both these tasks were my biggest challenges during the internship.

Getting to know the process and product

Before starting my research, I scheduled 1 on 1's with my new co-workers to better know the company and themselves. After, I spent a few days going through their current website and app to better understand the painpoints and touchpoints.

Design and Prototype

From design to product

Due to the NDA, I can not show the research, wireframes, and design mock-ups. However, since the website is live and available to the public, I can showcase the final designs and live implementations for my designs and the reasoning behind them.


immediate information

The type effect transmits info on initial load, without any necessary actions. Allowing visitors to instantly understand the company, which the old version lacked.


navigation fixes

New navigation allowing the product/consultancy firm to instantly show their immense firm. This navigation focused on lead retention (current company strategy) through the contact us button.


framework relation

The new design allows for the understanding of each framework piece without having to guess why and what each word representation means. This was a confusing aspect in their old design, and many clients had to clarify with the firm about what each piece of the framework mean't.

New framework I designed belonging to a set of 8.

View the live site

We launched the official new site in 2019.


More to the internship

Besides from working on the new website, I had the chance to redesign their old consulting frameworks. They wanted to re-align their programs and focus on visually showing their frameworks better. I helped with fixing some of their decks which was to be used for client-facing operations. I also was given a Design assignment as an interview task, if you want to know more about click here or give me a shout!



These are the only public frameworks shared. The rest are under NDA.

New Design

The new design for the frameworks accomplishes three major touchpoints.

  • Allows for easier view of words.
  • Better scaling with other applications while maintaining good contrast.
  • Displays better correlation between each framepiece.


Since this was my first internship, I learned a LOT. Communication across a cross-functional team between designers, developers, product managers and executives is a skill on its own. vivovii was a great company to intern for, one of the many things I truly respect was their trust in me to launch my first professional product and have it be tested by their clientele.

That is all I am able to share with you at this time. If you are curious about this internship or any general inquiries, please do reach out!

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